Oasis Preparatory School is a private, co-ed school, offering Grade R – 7. With a focus on building Christian values, excellent facilities and an ethos that fosters uniqueness and creativity, the school has a proven track record of quality education. We offer small classes led by qualified and experienced educators which focus on developing individual learning styles. Our academic programme includes both CAPS and internationally-accredited curricula, featuring Singapore Mathematics, Kidpreneur, coding & STEAM. We pride ourselves on our diverse extra-curricular offering and mentorship classes aimed at fostering emotional growth. Our aftercare programme creates a fun and safe space for children to complete homework and play. We also offer a meal plan to ensure your children receive healthy lunches at school and you don’t have to worry about packing lunch boxes!

We believe each child is unique and we strive to nurture an environment which celebrates this. We believe in each individual child living in God's perfect plan for their life, loving God and each other wholeheartedly. By raising the next generation to be resilient, they are fully equipped to conquer any situation they may face. We don’t want to see children surviving their school days, but rather being transformed to impact the world around them.

We look forward to partnering with you on your education journey!

Why Oasis

At Oasis we aim to develop the whole child. This takes place through our daily devotional times, weekly motivational assemblies, community outreach and guidance from our Student Support Officer.


Our vision is to see students LIVING in God’s plan for their lives, LOVING God and children, and LEARNING every step of the way to be LEADERS that impact their world.


Our mission is ‘transformation through education.’ We exist to see individuals, families and communities transformed through values-based education.


We passionately believe that every child, no matter who they are, has a special purpose from God and it is our job (in partnership with parents) to bring this out in each child. Students are activated in their faith by participating in daily devotional times, weekly discipleship groups and various training programmes that provide ample opportunity for worship, prayer and bible study. They are taught and rewarded for godly character, and participate actively in community outreach, international ministry trips and church life.



You may not know that Oasis Preparatory has a school mascot. His name is Captain Effulge! His name is an acronym for the characteristics of our school culture; Extraordinary, Faith, Family Unique, Love, Generosity, Excellence.

Captain Effulge is a bright lightbulb who wears a cape, his light shines far and wide. Captain Effulge is an illustration of how we raise up our children to be transformed through education and leave our school confident in who they are and who they are called to be. From a place of knowing they are loved, called, unique, and capable, they are able to shine their lights from within for the world to see. 

Living live beyond ordinary, goverend by heavens reality.
Seeing from God's perspective and learning to partner with God in living out his purpose.
Community heart where everyone is included, safe and valued.
Recognizing and nuturing individual strengths for the benifit of others. 
Knowing the Love of God and giving this love to other in a way that changes lives.
Looking to the needs of others beyond self with lavish joy & kindness.
Giving my best and ensuring quality, integrity and personal commitment in all I do.
Captain Effuldge
Join Captain Effulge and become part of the Oasis Preparatory Family.

School Tour

We are constantly striving to upgrade our facilities so that we remain on the cutting edge of new education trends


Our academic programmes are led by a diverse mix of qualified educators & assistants

We strongly believe in the potential of every child and our qualified staff is passionate about seeing this potential realised. That's why we use creative, tailor-made strategies that suit the individual child, to ensure quality learning is taking place – and of course adding a whole lot of fun into the mix. Our culture of encouragement and positive speech permeates our campus and this ensures we maintain an 'I can do all things' attitude and makes Oasis a place for optimal development.

Oasis School Logo-slogan

School History

Howick has always been seen to be an Oasis - a place where people can come in and be trained, refreshed and then released into the fullness of what God has for them, being equipped in every area of life. Oasis Preparatory School opened its doors on 4 February 2008 with 22 excited students, faith-filled parents and a total of 6 staff members. These 22 students ranged in ages but had one common trait – a desire to see God becoming real in their life. The early days of the school were characterised by many great testimonies where God overwhelmed us with supplying all our needs richly and confirming the call on this school to become a LIGHT for this community.

We honour the faithful families that dared to believe the education could look different and gave themselves wholeheartedly to the vision of building a quality Christian school in the KZN Midlands. We also had many courageous teachers joining us in the early days without certainty of a pay cheque at the end of the month but with a conviction for Biblical education.

God began stirring in our hearts for a very long time to establish a school in which children have this same opportunity, but with a greater advantage because they are starting with a clean slate - they don't have to "unlearn" the ways of the world first. It is in these formative years that the foundations are set for the rest of a child's life.